In January I went to see the First Cut exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery. But during my visit I noticed a group of school children doing a little art project in the stairwell and I instantly fell in love with it! Something so simple and yet so perfect for that view of offices and rooftops. I just hope they kept them up as a permanent feature! 


REM work/ Sian-Louise Mason / embroidery

So, I thought I’d explain what’s going on work wise with me at the moment.

My current work is based on REM, which is the stage of sleep where you begin to dream. We use the data of images collected from our daily mundane lives, and use them to create dreams. In trying to remember our dreams we lose detail and information, thus all the scenes can begin to blur into one journey, with some details standing out more than others.

The particular journey I have chosen is based on remembering and embellishing upon the scenes I see on a frequent basis whilst walking around Manchester.

This work is about forming a collection of illustrative designs that could be used for a variety of markets based around the theme of REM. The idea was to build up layers so that they can mix and match to create some pieces with more detail and some with less.

         REM, Sian-Louise Mason

Some of the illustrations are used again throughout the collection; some falling into the backgrounds of others, sometimes using the original photographs I drew from to give the impression that it is losing focus.

This year I have been experimenting with using materials that aren’t usually stitched into; mainly plastics, to help play with the idea of creating scenes in the background as well as focused images in the foreground. I am a great believer of adding layers, one is never enough! So thinking about how you can physically do this is always an interesting subject to experiment with!

                      REM, Sian-Louise Mason

Working at photo-shoot in Bates Mill, Huddersfield


Photos of todays photo shoot so far, this set of photos shows Emily Lorna Blankley’s work being photographed and Siân-Louise Mason setting her work up.

REM work

Manchester based

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